Braces for Teens

While we have plenty of younger kids and adults in our patient family who are receiving orthodontic treatment with us, there are always some teenagers here at our office on any given day. This is part of what makes the AlphaBraces Orthodontic Center the cool environment you see in our pictures! We have a lot of fun snapping selfies with our teen patients, and we love their enthusiasm.

Many of our teen patients also have friends who are wearing braces, so most of their peers are tuned in to the importance of orthodontic treatment. This makes braces a very normal, expected part of the middle school and high school experiences, which helps teens to feel comfortable with having braces and stay motivated to keep their braces clean and damage-free. Knowing they’re following our treatment instructions, our teen patients look forward to celebrating the straighter, healthier smile revealed when they get their braces off!

Options for Teen Braces

Some of our teen and pre-teen patients are in the second part of their two-phase braces treatment, while many are just beginning orthodontic treatment because they have now lost all of their “baby teeth.” Teens have most of the same orthodontic treatment options as adults, including traditional metal braces (with cool rubber band colors), ceramic braces and Clear Aligners.

What is Clear Aligner?

Clear Aligner is an especially popular type of braces among our active young patients. It involves a series of custom made clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible to others. Because the aligners are removable when necessary, teens can still do things they enjoy like eating movie popcorn and playing wind instruments in the school band. What’s more, they don’t have to change up their routine for cleaning their teeth because their aligners can be removed for that as well.

Parents like Aligners too because each clear plastic aligner has a blue indicator that fades as it is worn, to ensure that the teen is following their orthodontist’s instructions.

An Orthodontist for Your Teen

We know teens have active lifestyles and busy schedules, so we’re here to work with you to find the orthodontic treatment option that works best for your family. When you visit our office, we will conduct a thorough exam of your child’s teeth and go over the types of braces that will work for your teen’s individual needs. Schedule your consultation today, and let’s get started!